Flat Connections is very excited to have an award winning member of it’s immediate community! Chris Trimnell, Flat Connections Global Educator Cohort 16-1, is one of 10 educators acknowledged for their ability to create and implement an online global collaborative project at K-12 levels.

The Great Global Project Challenge was organsed by the Global Education Conference in partnership with key supporters of online collaborative learning. You can view ALL submitted projects HERE.

The Great Global Project Challenge Grant awardees – the 10 winners – show a diverse group of astute educators and projects from different global corners.


Poetry with Passion and Performance – Global Project designed by Chris Trimnell

Chris Trimnell, from Melbourne Australia, an experienced and enthusiastic educator is no stranger to travel and connecting with the real world as well as the online world. Images here share some of Chris’s travels around Australia recently. Chris shares below what the project is about and her motivations for designing it.


From Chris –

This was a 10 week global project involving 350 Grade 3-6 students across 5 schools from the USA and Australia. The overriding aims were to provide a well-supported environment whereby all students could experience success when writing poetry, but do so in a fun and engaging way by collaborating and co-creating with different students. The students were grouped into mixed teams. Thy used Edmodo for virtual handshakes. A variety of scaffolded poems were then presented to the teams which students had to modify to create new versions and share them via Google docs. Lastly students had to take parts of each others poems to create new poems and present these in a multimedia format. e.g. iMovie, Powtoon, Photostory, MovieMaker etc. A website was created so all project details could be easily accessed and the students final work could be showcased.
Check out the website: http://poetrypp.weebly.com/

Special thanks to Julie Lindsay. I participated in Julie’s Global Educator’s course last year and my Poetry Project was one that I designed based on what I had learnt through her course.

Further exploring – Make sure you review the Top Multimedia Poems from the project. Here is one favourite…..

Thanks to Chris and congratulations to ALL winners of the Great Global Project Challenge!

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