A Learning Collaborative is an alternative approach to connected and collaborative learning that joins multi-age learners across the globe.

Connect with China Collaborative brings together educators, students and community groups with the purpose of making positive change possible in the world through global collaboration and action. Through the use of online technologies the impossible becomes possible, intercultural awareness is developed and learning legacies created.

Connect with China Collaborative is interdisciplinary and cross-curricular learning. It builds bridges between diverse participants and engages the world in authentic and effective 21st century learning. The aim is to connect learners and community groups from within China to those outside of China. Each collaborative has a thematic approach and is digitally infused so that connections and collaborations are made virtually in both synchronous and asynchronous modes.

Participants connect for global discussions and team problem solving.

The Connect with China Collaborative will start again in September 2017.

Join other learners within and beyond China to:

  • build empathy through virtual connections
  • develop online cross-country working teams
  • identify issues and share local stories
  • define what problems need to be solved
  • create solutions for positive change
  • share solutions via multimedia and invite feedback

Registration is now open for the ‘Connect with China’ Collaborative 2016-2 (September-December). NEW concept – ‘Innovation’. Participants explore the idea ‘think global and act local’ and come up with initiatives that make positive contribution to their community. 

Schools, teachers and students are welcome to register.


  • For a class – $200 AUD
  • For a teacher or individual student $100 AUD
Go to Connect with China website to Register

The Connect with China Collaborative is a partnership between Mandarin Pathways and Flat Connections