Flat Connections events are unique!

  • Challenge-based learning for educators, students and the wider community
  • Collaborative learning modes that transcend nationality, location and culture
  • Focused on problem solving virtually as well as face-to-face
  • Infused with online technologies to connect and communicate within and beyond

What Participants are saying

Leave your preconceptions of teaching and learning at the door, prepare to learn and collaborate like you’ve never done before. The most exciting, exhausting, stimulating conference I’ve ever attended. Loved the chance to work alongside passionate students and teachers.
Michael Graffin, Perth. Australia
An amazing, cutting edge conference that uses technology and flat thinking to push participants into an innovative way of learning.
Anne Mirtschin, Victoria. Australia
The Flat Connections conference pushed me to expand my perspectives and grow my practice.
Dorothy Suskind, St. Christopher's School. USA
The Flat Connections Conference is a different style of professional development, which allows for staff and students to create, communicate and collaborate across a variety of educational contexts.
Kate Miller, Tara Anglican School for Girls. NSW. Australia
A great place to meet like minded educators with a passion for learning.
Neil Bramsen, NSW. Australia.
The Flat Connections Conference is an excellent model of progressive global learning at its best!
Heidi Hutchison, Friends School of Baltimore. USA.
The FCC is a wonderful opportunity for students & staff to connect, collaborate and share experiences with other schools. It also supported our school vision for a 21C school – Open Plan, Personalised Learning, Passion Projects, State of the Art Technology and teacher/student on a first name basis, thus taking away that us & them feeling.
Brian Riley, Our Lady of the Southern Cross Primary School, Victoria. Australia

Flat Connections

Students and Teachers


Flat Connections Live! is a 2 or 3-day event that brings together a collection of learners from across the globe

  • Typically includes students (middle school, high school, pre-service educators) as well as a range of other participants in education
  • Starts with a Student Summit to connect, meet, build team empathy and intercultural understanding, and establish online technology workflow
  • Focus is on teamwork and development of a product to be showcased in the final session, social media skills, the use of digital technologies and communication and presentation skills.

Typically has a theme that connects all learners to shared outcomes. Themes used in the past include, ‘How to we help each other?’ (Japan conference 2013, based on the needs of Japan after the Tsunami and earthquake); ‘What’s the other story?’ Sydney conference 2014, based on encouraging alternative perspectives to identified issues.

Flat Connections

Students & Teachers


The Flat Connections Challenge is an exciting 2-day event to introduce global awareness and social entrepreneurship to students in Grade 5-12 and/or to teachers.

  • Design thinking, teamwork, and a process-based working mode is used to find and solve problems.
  • Focus on digital technologies and social media for communication and collaboration
  • Identify and explore global issues to raise awareness of local and global considerations
  • Teams action plan development and prototype design

This event works well as a localized challenge (one or two schools) or as an event with guests (students and/or teachers) invited globally.

Flat Connections



Flat Connections Workshop is a professional learning event for educators and education leaders.

  • Aim to become more engaged with digital technologies
  • Focus on how learners connect, communicate, collaborate and create
  • Teamwork leads to co-creation of a product that can be used in multiple own learning environments

Typical topics or themes for the Flat Connections Workshop include:

  • Designing curriculum for global collaboration
  • Connected learning for global understanding
  • Create the future – our digital learning environment
  • Digital citizenship in schools – leadership and action
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