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Flat Connections is an Australian organisation registered to Learning Confluence Pty Ltd, ABN 20138788155 Director Julie Lindsay.
Flat Connections provides the platform, resources and support for taking learning global.

In the ‘flat’ ubiquitous world that digital and online technologies provide learning must become virtual as well as real, local as well as global. Flat Connections provides a means for educators, education leaders, students and organisations to participate in online global collaborative interactions that lead to collaborative co-creations and joint actions.

Flat Connections facilitates online global projects for all levels K-12 and provides teacher professional learning to support online global objectives including building a global education program and developing intercultural awareness through online learning.

All current global projects offered by Flat Connections are found on the Global Projects page on this website.
Flat Connections offers global projects for all levels, K-12 (or pre-K-13).

Here is a summary:

  • K-2 Building Bridges to Tomorrow (for all PK-Grade 2 students – beginning school age to about 7 years old)
  • ‘A Week in the Life…’ (for Grade 3-6 – about 8 until 11/12 years old)
  • Digitween Project (for Grade 4-8 – about 9 until 12/13 years old)
  • Digiteen Project (for Grade 8-12 – about 12/13 until 18 years old)
  • Flat Connections Global Project (for Middle-High school, Grades 8/9-12, about 14-18 years old)
  • Global Youth Debates (for Grade 5-12 – about 10 until 18 years old)
The Connect with China Collaborative is very similar to a global project and is open to multi-age participation. As a learning collaborative it includes teachers, students and community organisations. It is offered in conjunction with Mandarin Pathways.
All global projects run TWICE a year:

  • start FEBRUARY – finish JUNE
  • start SEPTEMBER – finish DECEMBER
Flat Connections is about joining learners for meaningful interactions AND collaborations. All projects and learning collaboratives are designed for teachers and students to work together on shared outcomes over a semester. We know that online global collaboration across countries and education systems takes time to build empathy and working modes.
Any teacher in any school in any part of the world can join their students to any or all of the Flat Connections global projects.

To maintain a global mix some scholarships are offered each semester. Contact organisers to inquire further.

All projects have the one APPLICATION FORM – Link besides each global project.  Use the application to join for September and February semesters.
Flat Connections global projects are available via SUBSCRIPTION listed on the Global Projects Page. There are different levels for subscribing, including ‘Teacherpreneur, Bronze, Silver and Gold.’
Each subscription includes access to a fully managed and supported global project. Many participants are new to global collaboration while many participants are already experienced global collaborators and bring to the cohort their ideas and resources. The Project Manager supports and leads the cohort through each step of the project ensuring success. Each project builds a community of teachers around the project objectives. Regular synchronous meetings and asynchronous group discussions help all teachers to understand and also contribute to the direction and outcomes of the project – including support with Web 2.0 tools for communication, collaboration and co-creation.
This is a common question from global educators. In the ubiquitous Web 2.0 world that education now thrives in it does seem incongruous to pay for something that perhaps should be available for nothing. It is important to remember that quality learning (text-books, software, online resources) has a price tag in order to maintain that quality and to support ongoing improvements and developments.

If you were to implement a new unit of work in your class that would take a full semester to complete it would likely be usual to support this with a purchased textbook or a set of online and offline resources. Joining a Flat Connections global project via subscription is exactly the same. We offer a quality product that not only supports but ensures successful online global collaboration will take place. Yes, there are many other free global projects and connections to be made, and teachers should also be accessing those AS WELL AS Flat Connections global projects. It is not a matter of one or the other – a modern classroom that is globally active and collaborative is encouraged to implement multiple opportunities for learning.

Flat Connections is one piece of a new curriculum approach that aligns with many education standards and curriculum frameworks. All projects meet ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) Standards and also align with many subject standards. The focus of global collaboration should be to embed projects, connections and collaborations into the curriculum – they should not be add-ons!

Flat Connections professional development also helps teachers work out how this can be done through online classes and courses.

The important point here is that each project can be embedded into a number of education scenarios. For example, the Flat Connections Global Project has been run in an IT class, a history class, a health class, a politics class….and more! Another important point – Flat Connections projects do not provide a ‘curriculum’ as such, but they do provide a framework for teachers to add their curriculum objectives and align learning needs with the global objectives of the project.

The ‘A Week in the Life…’ project for Grades 3-6 is another great example of how a global project framework can be implemented into many classrooms and education systems across the world, including PYP, British, American and Australian approaches.

Flat Connections goes beyond the ‘Skype’ call to embed true online global collaboration into learning. We aim to extend short global interactions and ‘show and tell’ classroom creations, to embed true co-creation of learning and actionable outcomes. Flat and connected learning for global working modes is a unique provision of Flat Connections projects and teacher development courses.


Flat Connections Director, Julie Lindsay, is one of the co-founders of award winning Flat Classroom Project (2006) and co-author of the book, Flattening Classrooms, Engaging Minds and author of the Global Educator: Leveraging technology for collaborative learning and teaching.  She has over 20 years experience in connecting classrooms across the world for online global collaborative learning and intercultural understanding. Together with other experienced Flat Connections leaders, Julie drives Flat Connections to provide a unique opportunity for global learning that is based on design thinking, best-practice global collaborative pedagogy, and the use of online tools that support and encourage new learning modes.

Flat Connections global projects are proven, dependable learning frameworks to foster global experiences and deeper learning for both teachers and students of all ages.

Flat Connections professional development offers online courses to support global educators who want to hone their skills and learn more.

Julie Lindsay also provides consultancy to schools and organisations who want to connect learning with the world.

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