Adjunct Lecturer at Athens State University, Janice Newlin, designs learning activities for her pre-service teachers that imerse them on authentic global collaborative projects in schools. In recent semesters her students have participated in the Flat Connections Global Project (for high school students) as what we term, ‘Learning Concierge’s’. This means her students, as trainee teachers, join the projct and have the role of mentor across student teams. Not only do they connect directly with students from different schools and countries, they also play a vital role in supporting cross-curricular and cross-school (yes, global!) collaboration.

The outcomes? Well, we know and have seen the positive learning experiences by both the high school students and the Athens State students. This is a real-world globally focused experience. All students are reservations about effective online communication and collaboration when they join the project. Consistent connection and regular contribution to the team project, and effective mentoring supports topic development.

Janice is featured in The Global Educator as a case Study and shared this podcast for the eBook.

Janice shared with us, “My wish for my pre-service teachers as they complete the Flat Connections Global Project as Learning Concierges is to be able to enter their future classrooms to have their students connect and collaborate with other students across the globe.”

From her students:

“Having participated in the Flat Connections 17-1 project, my pre-service teachers experimented with educational technology trends and tools such the Horizon Report, Nings, wikis, Google applications, screencasting, and more in a real-world situation.”


“In the role of Learning Concierges, Athens State University pre-service teachers enjoyed encouraging and supporting students as they research and develop original content and responses to the topics and themes based on the Horizon Report. Since these pre-service teachers were already familiar with the Horizon Report from a previous course taken, they were a valuable resource and knowledge base for the students to think more deeply about the subject matter.”

Global Project Design

Janice embeds global project design into the cucciculum for her preservice educators. Based on the collaborative design structures in The Global Educator, and based on experiential learning in a global project her students must design and share a new project idea. Here are some of those.

Daniel Whitcomb – Poster Power

Alexandria Romine – Weather Safety Pamphlets

Anna Bougher – Robotics

Phillippia Fuqua- The Traveling canvas

Are you a Teacher Educator?

If you are a teacher educator and value authentic learning experiences for your students please get in touch with Julie Lindsay at Flat Connections and apply to join the next Learning Concierge group.