Last week Flat Connections global educators gathered in a virtual meeting room with a number of interested educators and talked about how to facilitate and drive online global collaboration.

This is a very timely conversation as most schools in the world (northern hemisphere) are starting back for the new 2016-17 academic year. The webinar How to make online global collaboration work! was based on two inspirations:

  1. The new book by Flat Connections founder and CEO, Julie Lindsay: The Global Educator: Leveraging technology for collaborative learning and teaching.
  2. Knowledge and practice of Flat Connections global educators who have been implementing and managing online collaborations for many years – through Flat Connections and beyond. Shout out to Amy Jambor, Sheri Williams and Toni Olivieri-Barton.

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Essential concepts shared in order to make online global collaboration work:

  • Find like-minded educators – connect, communicate
  • Design online collaboration to embed into the existing curriculum – PBL, interdisciplinary,
  • Select tools that all participants can use
  • Manage the collaboration for success


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