Last week Grade 5 students from Singapore American School came online and shared their learning experiences from participating in the Flat Connections ‘A Week in the Life’, cohort 16-2 global project last semester.

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Students shared their excitement about the project, as well as the challenges they faced while collaborating globally with others from Australia, USA and China. It was clear that contribution to the online spaces was not always evident amongst all cross-school team members when needed – and this is something the students had many ideas for how the project could be improved!

Participating school from Yew Wah, China, came as an audience to the Summit and students also asked SAS questions about Singapore – about their life, what they ate, the school and so on. It was a very successful intercultural exchange – and an important part of what Flat Connections does to bring learners together in online spaces synchronously. Of course asynchronous learning is the mode for the project given time zone challenges, however it is magic when classes can come together in real time to learn.

Watch the Student Summit recording.

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