Teachers and students at Flat Connections will be hitting the ground running in February and March onwards in 2018. We have some new online global projects and some redesigned projects and some projects that continue to flourish and foster meaningful collaboration from year to year.

Below is the timeline of all projects being offered in 2018 – select each node on the timeline for information to pop up. NEW projects include:

  • Windows to the World – an ‘epals’ intercultural experience for Grades 3-4
  • Friends for Sustainability – a redesign of the popular ‘A Week in the Life’ project with a focus on Sustainable Development Goals – for Grades 5-8
  • Poetry with Passion and Performance – yes! for Grades 4-6
  • Endangered Animals – Grades 3-6

Read full details about all projects on the Flat Connections website. Make sure you also browse our latest ‘Global News’ newsletter.

If you receive this blog post in time – you are invited to join us for an online open webinar where Julie and Flat Connections Project Managers will share ideas and discuss projects and collaborations coming up. RSVP via the newsletter link or email Julie. (the meeting in January 31 evening US time, February 1 morning Australia time).

Make sure broswe the following to learn more about global collaboration……

1. Julie featured on the Rethinking Learning Podcast series of education thought leaders! Hosted and created by education strategist and guru, Barbara Bray, this series is one you will want to access, download and keep. Episode 29: Learn about the world, with the world, shares Julie’s journey in global collaboration.

2. Julie presents at the Learning2 Conference in Shanghai, November 2017. Such an exciting time to be part of the 10th Learning2 conference. Her ‘Learn2Talk’ is about ‘Global Collaboration, Learning on the Edge’

Are you embedding global collaborative learning in your classroom this semester? This year? Make sure you take a look at the possibilities Flat Connections offers for all levels of K-12.